Fuck math. 

College is pretty damn awesome, especially RIT. Never have I found a place where I can say “Torchlight or Diablo” and people will know what I’m talking about in detail. There seems to be a lot of people who hate sports games, Call of Duty and the like in the Video Game Design and Development major.

I wonder if I’ll get beat up waving around my copy of Modern Warfare 3 looking for SpecOps dudes. I also have the strange urge to pick up the latest Madden just because, but I hear it sucks so I’ll wait until next year to get really bro.

I have yet to encounter Natty Ice. I have seen a bunch of Gamecubes and Wii’s though, which means Smash Bros and TvC. A few weeks ago was my first time seeing TvC in action, and it looks a lot like a MvC3, except with two characters and no She Hulk, which means I won’t be getting TvC.

I’ve also seen a bunch of MvC3, SSFIV:AE, and BlazBlue:CT2. I love it, I’m right back into fighting games again. I think my next purchases after Battlefield 3 will be BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and the DLC AE. And a fighting stick. Anyone who can suggest me a good enough stick for under 70 bucks will be a god/goddess.

I’m going to a LAN Party. Well, since I probably scheduled this post for the midday since I’m writing it at like 12 A.M., I’m probably already at the LAN party, probably sleeping (because I’ve got the worst cold right now) or playing TF2 or being pressured into LoL or Counter Strike: Source or something. I dunno. I do know that this will be my first LAN party since I was around 10 or 11. I hope Duke Nukem is being played in some form or fashion. That’ll bring back memories.

Tonight, the Revengineers are in town. If I can make it, I’ll probably go. It’s 5 bucks and chip tune is always a good time. It’ll be my first concert in a long ass time. Long as fucking time. 

Humans Vs Zombies just wrapped up at RIT. It’s literally the most epic thing I’ve seen since seeing our highschool win out State Championship Football Game. So many people, such good coordination, so many interesting nerf gun mods (even within the tight restriction placed on them), so much actually fear struck in the hearts of the humans when they walked out of a building and saw 3 zombies outside. This is so much fun, and if your college isn’t doing HvZ, your college is doing college horribly wrong. I’m doing this in the Spring. Hopefully they’ll get the Vortex Guns to be allowed, I really want to use those things.

Ordered some new stuff. PS3 Headset, HD Webcam so I can Skype Video with people (hopefully my girlfriend at some point, I miss her), chargers and cables. I do enjoy using Amazon. I really want to buy a copy of A Game of Thrones, but I don’t know if I’ll make the time to dedicate to that book. I’m reading the sample right now, so I’ll think about it over this.

Breaking Bad is the most amazing TV show. AMC knows how to make good TV Shows. Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad. My god, I’m so glad Netflix has all of these great programming for me to watch at my own leisure. 

And Sony killed my want of a PS Vita with that Class Action Clause thing. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever actually raise or join a class action lawsuit unless it was something big and I needed the compensation, but the fact that they can do that, and then did, totally puts me off the company right now.

Which is sad, because you don’t know the hard on I have for Uncharted 3 right now. Literally the only reason I still have this thing.

I mean really, if your going to do something like that, do it at the beginning so I know what I’m getting into and know to avoid it and am not torn between satisfying my thrust for more of Chloe’s ass and my morals of saying “Damnit Daxel, grow a pair and stop being fucked over.”

And I’m getting Battlefield 3 on PC. Fuck it man I need Jets. And I can still sue EA, right?

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