Well, it seems that I’ve finished my first ten week section of college. In that time, I’ve managed to meet the real life persona of someone I follow on Tumblr, seen that being the Snitch in a Muggle Quidditch game isn’t very fun, and thanked the Flying Spaghetti Monster I took two years of Computer Science prior to college. 

I will hug my highschool CS teacher the moment I get the chance. 

But that’s some shit. Video games, how bout them?

Metal Gear Solid 5 was confirmed today. I don’t know how Kojima is going to do it, but he’ll do it and the masses will love it. Meanwhile, I’ll sit here waiting for another Botkai game. I really need to pick up Lunar Knights

This week was “thrash around like a dead baby week”, which means every game under the sun decided to release this week. Of course, I’m looking to get my hands on some The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third. Don’t know if I’ll put off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 till later or not. I’m caving and getting Uncharted 3: Drakes Decption. I will sex Nathan Drake Chole Frazer if it kills me and all I stand for.

In odd game pick ups, I want to get my hands on some Bayonetta before DmC drops next year. I love me some Jazz. 

As for games I’m playing, I picked up a Beta key for Tribes: Ascend and it’s fun, but I can’t finish a game because they take too long because everyone’s having too much fun learning how to ski. If I actually finish a game, I’ll update my thoughts in next weeks MMO Monday on GameGavel. It’s a new feature I’m doing. Please tell me I don’t suck.

I’m nearing the end of Bastion, and it’s been a really wild ride. The last few sections have really sucked me in, and it’s just been a really good top down action RPG. I’m reviewing it for GameGavel, so you can look forward to it there as well.

I think I’m nearing the halfway point of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Despite some PC issues (near immersion ruining cut-scene studder that can’t be fixed no matter what I do), the game has been an excellent entry point into the Deux Ex universe. Problem is, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to the other Deus Ex games because I’ve been spoiled by the mechanics and stuff in HR. Maybe I’ll just watch a lets play sometime. 

I will say this; Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gotten me successfully hyped for Syndicate. Fuck real time strategy, everyone I asked says that part got shitty as it went on anyways.

I think I’m going to run through Battlefield 3's single player again. If I run through it a second time, maybe I'll find out why everyone hated it. I dunno, I still maintain it's a well done single player with a sub-par plot. 

In Bethesda related things, since seeing Skyrim in action, I have no desire to continue playing Fallout: New Vegas. None at all. That game is dead to me. So my plan of Postcards from New Vegas is also dead. I’m fine with that. Postcards from Skyrim is going to be glorious. 

Can’t wait for the new SSX. Amon Tobin did some exclusive music for it. My boner is 50 feet tall and radioactive for that game…I mean, I’m really excited. :D

I need to go grab a She Hulk anthology. All this obsession and I don’t even read the comics. Need to grab me some of that Armory Wars as well. Always wanted to read that.

And next week, if I have the money, I’ll start A Game of Thrones. My Kindle’s been lonely the past ten weeks.

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