Being a zombie is hard, I might as well throw down some personal thoughts. 

Did I tell you guys I’m making a game with some fellow classmates? It’s a spin off of the popular college club activity Humans vs Zombies (in I am taking part in this week), aptly titled Humans vs Zombies. It’s basically a top down time trial like game, where the focus is going from point A to point B without getting swarmed by zombies. We’ve currently got the basics worked out, and are getting set to finish up the map and scrolling camera. 

Actually making a game has been an interesting experience. I went ahead and kinda took the design lead role, as well as…well, I guess you could say I was part of the GUI squad (I made all the menus work). We’ve got a great group, including two awesome programmers and an good artist. I hope after we’re done with the class part, we can expand on the game and maybe even put it up on Xbox Live Indie Games or the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Afterwards, I have my own personal idea for a game. That idea will probably end up somewhere on my ideas blog, which I need to start using more. As for Humans vs Zombies, I’ll post pictures of our shabby little project sometime later. 

Guild Wars 2 is a thing that has all my jimmies excited. As soon as I get some cash I’m doing a pre-order. It just looks and plays like an MMO that was made for me. Everything is based on getting people together in ways normally people wouldn’t get together. The randomly placed events in which you can walk into and instantly start helping without gathering a team or waiting in a queue; the class system and how you’re not just restricted to tank or DPS or healer and how you can switch classes on the fly; the fact that the game requires no monthly subscription cost, and of course, dodgerolls.

Yeah, Guild Wars 2 is going to be something I’m going to probably play a lot of.

I’m going to try a play some more Skyrim over the next few weeks. I picked it up and was hooked for awhile, but then school happened, and then I got into League of Legends, and the whoops haven’t touched this game in a month. The mod community is amazing though, so I’ve got some neat mods that should help make the experience fresh again. If nothing else I’ve populated the land of Skyrim with big booty bitches. 

I’m probably going to sell my PS3 and get an Xbox 360. Being on a Microsoft focused campus, all of my friends have Xbox 360s, and shit fucking Fez is a Xbox Live Arcade Game; I can’t take it. The only PS3 exclusive I’ll play is Uncharted and maybe The Last of Us when that comes out, granted I still have this brick by then. 

But yeah, I just want my 360 back. Baby I’ll never leave you again. I love you 360. I love you.

I’m going to QuakeCon. Anyone else going to QuakeCon? We should meet up.