Been chugging along in Mass Effect 2. I think I’m using either an Engineer or an Infiltrator, not really sure. All I know is that I haven’t come across a single assault rifle, and I miss that from my first play through of Mass Effect 2.

Other than my lack of assault rifles, I’m really enjoying the game. It’s definitely a marked improvement over Mass Effect, and it really makes me look forward to Mass Effect 3. I’ve probably already said the above more than once, but I’m going to say it again, since Mass Effect 2 is so damn good.

In other games I must complete, I’m at my end with Grand Theft Auto IV. I actually do love the game, the presentation, Liberty City, even the story has me somewhat interested, and Niko Belic is a certified badass. But the shooting and the driving in the game are still batshit horrid. It’s much better than previous GTA games, and Rockstar is on the track of getting it right, but goddamn, it’s still painful.

I don’t know how they’ll fix the shooting, but the driving can be fixed by just screwing real world physics all together. I mean, we’re using control sticks here (or in some cases, keyboards, for all you hardcore PC enthusiasts), although games like DiRT 2 feel just fine using a controller.

Just don’t even get me started on shooting while driving.

Next on my list of games to finish has to be Torchlight. I made some significant progress back in January, and I’m hoping I won’t have much left to go through so I can finish it. Torchlight is great and all, but I really need to complete that game so I can be prepared for Torchlight 2, and I’ve been putting off completing Torchlight for way to long now.

After that I’ll see about Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy Tactics off of PSN. I downloaded those games, and then never played them. What the fuck Mclean? The hell if fucking wrong with you?

Other news, slowly starting to get back into the groove of Java. In the next few months or show, I should be un-paranoid enough to try Flash and Flixel again. I didn’t know the languages were so similar, but I’ve got the suspicion that that there are some major differences that’ll fuck me up seriously. So I’ll just keep reading the FAQ.

Got one more College App to send out. Also need to do that FAFSA thing. I was planning on getting some help with it at school, but since Texas don’t fuck around when it’s canceling school, I’m on my own. Damnit weather. Why you no work?

Back to video games, my buying schedule is starting to look like this;

Pokemon Black (Nintendo DS)

Brink (PlayStation 3 or PC)

Portal 2 (PlayStation 3)

Used Nintendo DSi (if job/significant momentary increase is achieved)

Maybe throw in a little Killzone 3 if I feel like I’m done with Black Ops. I really wanted to get Portal 2 on my PC because it would have been cheaper, but I guess I can just get the free version that comes with a copy of Portal 2 on the PS3.

Good on Valve for doing that, and good on Valve for trying not to leave the 360 completely out in the cold, in terms of mods and stuff. If they can find a away to hit them with updates, it would be cool.

Battle: Los Angeles looks fucking sick. I’m going to see that in March. Now I don’t have to play Crysis 2. Speaking of graphics, I’ll be getting an HD 6850 soon. I’m so fucking pumped.

Finally, I got a Kindle, and it makes reading books a lot more enjoyable for me, because I don’t feel like a total asshat lugging around 700+ page modern fantasy books. Plus, the complete collection of H.P. Lovercraft for 99 cents? You crazy Amazon, you crazy. 

(P.S.: Yall should ask me questions. Because I’m an attention whore. There I said it.)