Game Of The Year. 

Buy It.

Buy it.

If you don’t, I will find you, and I will [redacted] you.

I will [redacted] you so hard, you will [redacted] all over your [redacted], so much so that even [redacted] will be like, “Damn son, that guy got [redacted].”

Just kidding, you don’t have to buy it. But it’s really good and you should. 

Quick Ass Review: Saints Row: The Third

The Greatest Open World Game Ever.

Buy It Twice.

More Catwoman. Otherwise perfect. 

(Look for more detail in my review on GameGavel this week!)

Brilliant samurai flick. Watch it now on Netflix.

Didn’t really need the ending part. Not at all actually, should have just ended with aliens winning. 

Watch it on Netflix if you feel like it.

11/5. Best movie ever. Will watch when drunk, high, and suffering from a bout of epilepsy.

Seriously, this movie is ridiculous. You should watch it. 

This album is King. Go buy ten copies.

They better fucking fix grenade and rocket launchers for Uncharted 3. Other than that, excellent title. Go buy it.

Seriously though, when I headshot someone with a rocket, they should stay down.

Balls Awesome.

Buy It Three Times.

It’s Free.

It’s also as hard and fustrating, yet strangly addicting as Left4Dead 2.

And it has Chainsaws. 

Go Download It Now.

It had a twist I honestly didn’t see coming.

It’s a nice little movie, nice action, good plot, great pacing.

Rent it.

They better not announce Left4Dead 3 at e3 this this year. 

Or I’ll be really freaking mad and feel really freaking stupid.