I feel like the reason people post all of this sad sappy “think about your life” philosophical shit on Facebook is because they think their own lives are just truly terrible. 

I mean, to mistake motherfucking Facebook for a personal blog for you to post about “how life sucks but you gotta pick up the snot and keep on trucking”, you’ve got to have the shittiest outlook on your own life; the shittiest in the history of shit.

I would rather read about how you took a huge dump in the backyard of that old lady you hate (followed by the obligatory ”YOLO” and instagram photo of Drake) than read one more line out of a self help book you obviously just checked out of the library because you think you’re a tad bit sad or you just came out of Crappy Relationship #12 or your parents just told you that you can’t go to the All American Rejects concert (or in a special case, you are Nolan Bushnell).

TL;DR: GET A JOURNAL GODDAMNIT. Or one of these wonderful (-shot-) Tumblr things.