So I’ve undergone the beginnings of a personal project, personal to me. An idea I had argued in my head and with others that involves genre’s of the turn based kind. There’s not much I have to show yet, but in the coming weeks I hope to get to be able to have something concrete to work on over the summer while I’m away from college, professional help, and Alienware computers. 

Cool things are happening, I believe.

In other news, I’m wrapping up another year of college, this time on a sour note however. Between the owing of vast amounts of money (enough so that I can’t register for next semester of classes), switching over to a semester system from a quarter system (and now I don’t even know what I can and can’t take), dropping a class (it’s actually not that bad), and learning that my brother in law has been married for a year and is having a baby in the Fall and is now just telling us (which is sure to start another round of family arguments and fallouts), 2013 has not been the kindest. I definitely don’t have a reliable source of college income right now, so lets hope that round three of scholarship applications will return something fruitful.

Third times the charm, I guess.

Video Games wise, I’ve completed both Tomb Raider and Bioshock: Infinite. Both games are incredibly titles and I’m pretty sure you should pick up one, if not both of them. Try on PC if you can because cheap bastard, but regardless, I don’t thing console or PC should effect the overall impact of how good those two games are.

Bioshock Infinite definitely fixes a lot of the combat specific problems I had with the original Bioshock, which just hampered to the flow of combat. To me, Bioshock felt like a wide open shooter confined withing a small playing area, where is Infinite feels much more like an open shooter with an open playing area. It speeds up combat while still encouraging players to try new things, of which there are a lot of.

Still though, after awhile, new things that are introduced are kind of put off because by that time, you’ve probably found an amazing combo that just works and there’s no need to change. Same goes with the clothing slots; I found a pair of paints that boosted AoE Vigor’s so they could all chain whenever I kill something. I never changed pants after that. 

Haha, never changing pants.

Tomb Raider was an interesting ride; at first there where things I didn’t enjoy, like the auto cover, or the fact that Laura Croft just can’t catch a break, but as the game went on, I began to grow into it. There’s so much “little things” and polish in the game that it makes me smile, from Laura putting her hands up against walls to the animations of her lighting her torch to the forest ambiance to how people wade through water. That game really comes together after the initial hours, and turns into something excellent by the end. I still have tombs to raid, so I might go finish those up sometime later.

Also new Laura is hot without being hot. But still totally hot.

And that’s all I wrote. 

So, I had a high GPA Last Quarter. 3.7. I ended up on the Fall Dean’s List, and now the Honors Program wants me to join up. They’ll give me a $1000 scholarship if I manage to keep it up.

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  • Me: Man, we missed breakfast, and it was all her fault.
  • Friend: Damnit, yes.
  • Friend 2: I know right? If the guy to girl ratio wasn't so horrible, I'd hate her!

Damn, it’s almost time for finals and shit. F&%k you Quarter System.

Anyways, lets do this check up thing quick so I can fly shoot down jets in Battlefield 3.

The Quarter is about to end, and we’re about to hit Thanksgiving break. As it stands now, I’m sure to pass at least 3 classes. The remaining two are up in the air. I’ve got one sure fire C, and maybe 2 A’s. If I pass the toss ups, I’ve got at most a B and a B/C. Fuck all of these grades, I just want to Skyrim.

I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving break. Since I’m from Texas and my family is going through it’s own burdens right now, buying a ticket for me to come home, only to buy another one three weeks later for Chirstmas break would be kinda of devastating. So I’m just going to stay up here and catch up on gaming/TV/reading. Yeah, that’s right; I’m going to read a book. If all goes well I’ll load up on A Song of Ice And Fire and start those.

Christmas is coming up, so that means I have the chance of getting new computer parts for my (now) shitty ass PC. I’m going to try and spring for a new motherboard and CPU. I kinda want to go against my previous computer based morals and try an Intel based CPU, but they’re still expensive and I don’t really want to mess with switch CPU’s mid term in my first builds life. I really want to save going Intel for when I’m doing my second build. So I guess it’s a Phenom II x6 for me.

Games: I reviewed Battlefield 3. Check it out and tell me if my writing sucks and why. I’ll adjust accordingly.

On that, I feel like I’m wrong. I know no reviewer should feel “wrong” about how they reviewed something, that just shouldn’t be right. It’s your opinion and shit, I know that. But everyone hates the single player campaign in Battlefield 3. EVERYONE except me. And it makes me feel awkward and stupid and just plain wrong that I genuinely had fun with the single player and nobody else did.  

Which sucks because I’ve started coming up with ideas for single player DLC for Battlefield 3. I’ve even come up with a way to tie in the Bad Company stories with Battlefield 3. I just like the single player that much. 

I understand the story isn’t that good, but…I just like it. I just really like it. Kudos for DICE making at least one person happy they played the single player.

Other news, Skyrim is dropping soon, but I won’t be picking it up, due to finals week and I probably won’t have the cash for it. I’ll try around Thanksgiving break though. 

I also want to grab my hands on Saints Row: The Third. Played around with the Initiation Station this week and was amazing at making characters that didn’t look batshit ugly to me, especially the female side of things. I made my girlfriend, and she actually kinda looked how I pictured an older version of her.

Exactly like Jennifer Lopez. Saints Row: The Third - 1. GTAV - 0.

I was really hoping GTAV was going to go to Chicago or Boston or something, but returning back to Los Santos isn’t that bad, especially if the focus is Los Santos. Then they can populate the city with much more stuff and things to do. That would be awesome. 

It also seems like a bank heist is in the works. God I hope the British are involved somehow. God I hope so. I want this to be Guy Ritchie serious. 

I might buckle down and buy Uncharted 3 as well. I dunno. I just don’t want to give Sony money anymore. But Nathan Drake is my home dog. I guess if I buckled down for Battlefield, I can for Uncharted. At least EA gave me some free stuff with that online pass.

Pixel Junk Side-Scroller is awesome. So many colors. I had cheese pizza grease on my fingers. I want to find an arcade and die in it.

Just a tad bit homesick. Need to find a topic to blog about on Destructoid since I haven’t thrown up anything on there for a good while now. It’s getting cold and I need more long sleeve shirts.

Apparently, I’ve written one of these. Oh well.

So far it’s been good. The quarter system here has things moving along at an insanely quick pace, which has it’s own ups and downs. I can tell you, I can’t wait for us to switch to a semester system. That upcoming winter break is going to be hell to recover from. 

Speaking of winter, I should probably get a jacket. Unrelated musings after the jump.

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Fuck math. 

College is pretty damn awesome, especially RIT. Never have I found a place where I can say “Torchlight or Diablo” and people will know what I’m talking about in detail. There seems to be a lot of people who hate sports games, Call of Duty and the like in the Video Game Design and Development major.

I wonder if I’ll get beat up waving around my copy of Modern Warfare 3 looking for SpecOps dudes. I also have the strange urge to pick up the latest Madden just because, but I hear it sucks so I’ll wait until next year to get really bro.

I have yet to encounter Natty Ice. I have seen a bunch of Gamecubes and Wii’s though, which means Smash Bros and TvC. A few weeks ago was my first time seeing TvC in action, and it looks a lot like a MvC3, except with two characters and no She Hulk, which means I won’t be getting TvC.

I’ve also seen a bunch of MvC3, SSFIV:AE, and BlazBlue:CT2. I love it, I’m right back into fighting games again. I think my next purchases after Battlefield 3 will be BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and the DLC AE. And a fighting stick. Anyone who can suggest me a good enough stick for under 70 bucks will be a god/goddess.

I’m going to a LAN Party. Well, since I probably scheduled this post for the midday since I’m writing it at like 12 A.M., I’m probably already at the LAN party, probably sleeping (because I’ve got the worst cold right now) or playing TF2 or being pressured into LoL or Counter Strike: Source or something. I dunno. I do know that this will be my first LAN party since I was around 10 or 11. I hope Duke Nukem is being played in some form or fashion. That’ll bring back memories.

Tonight, the Revengineers are in town. If I can make it, I’ll probably go. It’s 5 bucks and chip tune is always a good time. It’ll be my first concert in a long ass time. Long as fucking time. 

Humans Vs Zombies just wrapped up at RIT. It’s literally the most epic thing I’ve seen since seeing our highschool win out State Championship Football Game. So many people, such good coordination, so many interesting nerf gun mods (even within the tight restriction placed on them), so much actually fear struck in the hearts of the humans when they walked out of a building and saw 3 zombies outside. This is so much fun, and if your college isn’t doing HvZ, your college is doing college horribly wrong. I’m doing this in the Spring. Hopefully they’ll get the Vortex Guns to be allowed, I really want to use those things.

Ordered some new stuff. PS3 Headset, HD Webcam so I can Skype Video with people (hopefully my girlfriend at some point, I miss her), chargers and cables. I do enjoy using Amazon. I really want to buy a copy of A Game of Thrones, but I don’t know if I’ll make the time to dedicate to that book. I’m reading the sample right now, so I’ll think about it over this.

Breaking Bad is the most amazing TV show. AMC knows how to make good TV Shows. Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad. My god, I’m so glad Netflix has all of these great programming for me to watch at my own leisure. 

And Sony killed my want of a PS Vita with that Class Action Clause thing. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever actually raise or join a class action lawsuit unless it was something big and I needed the compensation, but the fact that they can do that, and then did, totally puts me off the company right now.

Which is sad, because you don’t know the hard on I have for Uncharted 3 right now. Literally the only reason I still have this thing.

I mean really, if your going to do something like that, do it at the beginning so I know what I’m getting into and know to avoid it and am not torn between satisfying my thrust for more of Chloe’s ass and my morals of saying “Damnit Daxel, grow a pair and stop being fucked over.”

And I’m getting Battlefield 3 on PC. Fuck it man I need Jets. And I can still sue EA, right?



surprised by how many notes this has already. 
like i don’t mind… 

Still can’t get used to it…

I just saw my first eCig today.

I still wouldn’t do it, but that shit is so cool.

This is cool. I might finally learn how to play fighting games properly now.

And some of the guys build their own sticks.

In other news, using a stick is hard. Fuck sticks. Go Pad or Go Home.

In other other news, “Go Pad or Go Home” is going to be printed on the shirt I wear to Evo.

One of my uncles died. This was around the same time my grandma died last year. Don’t know what else to say, except that he was an uncle I spent more time with than my other uncles because they were always abroad. So I’m kinda down. 

My mother graduated from Walden University. She has a Masters of Science in Nursing. She worked really hard for that, and I basically had to teach her to be computer literate. It’s amazing how much she’s grown technology wise in the past few years. She has a BlackBerry now and she doesn’t need me to teach her how to work it. She still get’s stuck on digital cameras and GPS though. I’m still proud as fuck of her. 

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Southern Methodist University

Pros: Close to home, possibility of erasing housing fee because I live close to the campus, easy access to doctor, QuakeCon, SXSW is 3-4 hours away, close to HS so I can check out the cool State Games and shit.

Cons: Bored of the state of Texas, far away from conferences like PAX, lack of Battles playing live, may not get true college experience because I’m living at home (though I like being cheap), close to parents, same old same old.

Drexel University

Pros: In Philly, new area to explore, close to PAX (5 hours away), really good school apparently, chance too hook up with some long lost friends, freedom, college dorm experience, SUBWAY STATIONS!

Cons: Expensive tuition, far from home, doctor visits could be problematic, totally on my own.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Pros: Fucking baller campus, 8 hour drive from NYC (3 hour train ride), TRAINS!, hockey teams, close access to cool concerts, close to PAX (4-5 hours away), Rochester reminds me of Fayetteville, North Carolina (my home city), close to relatives (they live in Jersey).

Cons: Really far from home, expensive tuition, doctors could be problematic, totally on my own, cold, close to Canada.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…. 

I really should get on applying for college, but I’m starting to get less and less scared. Taking the SAT again is starting to scare me more, but if I just hang around a math teacher enough, I should be good. I think I’ll do some SAT Prep in the math sections only. That should be good.

On Thursday, my Editor in Chief wrote this. Needless to say, reception was wild on both ends. 

Me personally? I don’t really agree with my editor (don’t fire me), but I can understand where he’s coming from. That’s not the big thing though. The big thing is that it opened me up to the idea that we should get as many video games bloggers as possible in one location. All of them, from the big hits to the small time starters, and have them discuss their opinions on what they think about Video Games Journalism. I think we’d get a lot more done than just having each of us write our respective rants. Plus, I’d get the chance to beat Johnathan Holmes with a bunch of Wubboffet. Win Win Situation.

Also, I’ll have a review of Trine coming to GameGavel, as well as me starting to pick up the news stuff Tuesday again. This weekend was preparation for Choir Concert weekend, plus TF2 updating, so I didn’t get much time to write things. As always, if by some horribly odd chance you want me to write for you, I’m here, just tell me.

Speaking of writing, I need to find this guy named Nobuyuki Tsujii. He’s a piano champ and the local online newspaper my Newspaper Teacher (who’s not my teacher…yet) hooked me up with wants me to do a general article on him. Real Journalims is happening guys. Also, if by some horribly odd chance I actually get to talk to the guy, I might just do a right up for Stereotoid as well. I mean, he is Japanese, he’s got to know Guile’s Theme, right?

Finally, I saw Monsters yesterday. It was a good movie up until they decided to end it with no real explanation of anything you thought the movie would really be about. Thankfully, I didn’t realize that they didn’t explain any of the things I’d normally be interested in until after the movie ended. Unfortunately, that put me really sour on the movie itself. It’s still a good movie, but if you’re going to have giant monsters, EXPLAIN THEM A LITTLE PLEASE.

Oh, and back on Pokemon, as I said a while ago on Facebook; if you’re not hype for the game now, you’re just not hype then.

And know, I must cry myself to sleep, for I have so many Force Of Nature’s, but no reclaimed metal of which to craft them into Shortstop’s with. My Scout is incomplete.

So I’m putting together a list of things I want to buy for to build a PC next year, around the time Brink comes out. Yeah, I know that’s a long ways off, and yeah, I know that buy the time Brink does come out, some of the stuff I put on the list will be obsolete or not even avaiable then, but still, I like looking at new parts.

I think I’ve gotten to the point where I like building or thinking of building gaming PCs more than I like playing PC games. I mean, about a month after I built my first PC, I was already anchoring for something more powerful. Ok, so I can attribute that to my horrible choice in graphics card (ATI/AMD, YOU LIKED TO ME!), but still, the fact that I was ready to break into my PC and replace parts in it before the dust had even begun to settle is amazing. Now, I’m looking to build a completely different beast, this time with liquid cooling and proper wire management.

Maybe this is the true high of PC gaming. With console gaming, it’s just one, and you’re pretty much done for awhile until shit like Natal and Move and WiiMotion+ comes out, but with PC gaming, at least with me, I’m always looking at the next thing. I’m always checking prices of graphics cards on newegg, I’m always reading up on custom mod cases. I spend more time on FrozenCPU then I do playing TF2.

Then again, Valve said the Polycount pack would be coming soon, and look at us now….

Other news, college applications are starting to scare the crap out of me. It’s not the thought of going to college, being in a totally new enviroment, with no help from parents and all that junk. I’m actually looking forward to that. It’s the thought of applying to college. That’s what scares me. The essay part is going to be the death of me. What do I say? How do I convey it in a way that makes me stand out from the rest of the people who are very much smarter than I am? SAT scores are not going to get me anywhere, as I’m just average in that aspect. How am I going to do all of this? 

That’s not even factoring in whether or not I can handle being rejected or not. Hell, I don’t even have 5 colleges to apply too.

Finally, in lighter news, for those that don’t actively stalk me on the internet, I’ve begun writing video games news posts for GameGavel. That’s me, Mclean Oshiokpekhai, the black kid with the confusing last name. GameGavel is mostly a video games auction site, kinda like eBay. This is my first thing doing anything for something that was somewhat big, and I’m hoping I can expand on it. If anything, I just want cool press packs with trailers and stuff. I love loading Portal 2 stuff into my Zune.

Oh yeah, school started. That was fun.

So I rearranged my house.

Now’s it’s all clean and kinda minimalist and stuff.

And I did it all to Animal Collective, Daft Punk, and Gorillaz.

Anyways, I’m going to Rochester, New York next week to go check out Rochester Institute of Technology. Anyone out their familiar with the school? Or the Rochester area? Anyone know how long a drive it is from Rochester to the Nintendo World Center in NYC?

I’m starting to go though that “this is my last year in highschool” phase. It actually started last week, on the last day of choir camp (yeah fuck you, I go to choir camp), when I realized this would be the last time I’d be doing something like this. It would be the last time I’d be preparing a selection of music to audition for the chance of being a part of the Texas All State Choir, and it might be last time I do an audition of this caliber.

This year is going to be my last in public schooling, it might be the last time I spend full time with my family, friends, it might be the last time I see any of my teachers, might be the last time I drive around the Gaylord Texan. It’ll be the last time I see my Irish Doctor, the last time me and my mom go to the doctor, and it maybe good bye to good ol’ Euless, Texas for a really long time.

I guess I could look at the positives; I may be going off to a new state (hopefully New York), I can start on the next level of my life, I’ll find out if video game design is really for me, Stereotoid might make it big on Modern Method, I can go to PAX, I can go (back too) ComiCon, I might be even able to go to GDC or (ohgodyes) E3. There’s a whole bunch of possible things that can happen once I’m done with highschool and start college. I could be the big man on campus, or I could be the guy who just does his studies and nothing else.

Or I could be the guy who attended college, wants to major in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Physics, loves the fuck out of video games and music, and still plays Pokemon. Who knows?

As for not sappy thoughs, I’m probably the only one who wants Games For Windows Live not to fail. Besides the online component of actually playing online, I still love getting achievements. I love that my 360 controller works with the overlay, I love the little noises, I love that I can communicate with people on the 360, and last off, I love having a gamerscore again. 

If they could make the overlay much more like Steam’s (ala a browser), and then make the act of playing people online not suck, and then let me launch games from it, or better yet, just have it always on, I can tab out/guide button to the blades in anything from the desktop to Grand Theft Auto 4, and then build on the game selection. You know, all they need to do is put more of the Xbox Live Arcade, or even the Xbox Live Indie Games on GFWL, and it would be a contender to the mighty hammer that is Steam. It might not win, but it would carve out a sizable piece of the pie, and MS does like pie.

Cross-platform play would be nice too, but that would be a little hard. Maybe require that you are using a 360 pad? I dunno, it is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my hands, and I would like to play GTA with the 360 crowd.

Finally, a list of movies I want to see and why:

  • The Social Network: Jesse is an awesome actor, but Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross teaming up on the soundtrack? OHSHI-
  • Due Date: As long as that little dog does funny things to Robert Downey Jr, I’ll be happier than a kid with a box of chocolate pancakes.
  • Super 8: The same reason I wanted to see Cloverfield. I’m waiting for the surprise
  • Gears Of War: Now, I know video games that get turned into movies usually suck, but this is Epic Games we’re talking about here. More specifically, this is Cliffy B we’re talking about here. I don’t think he’d let his baby grow in the hands of people who can’t make movies, and I think he would have sizable input on who ever is going to be doing the movie. So yeah, I have hopes this won’t suck.
  • Kane & Lynch: I’m already sorely disappointed that Jamie Foxx is playing Lynch. Not that I think Jaime Foxx is a bad actor or anything, it’s just that Lynch is a white guy, and Jaime Foxx isn’t. Now matter how good his performance is, to people who have played the game, it’s going to feel a little weird. Still though, Bruce Willis playing Kane is a good choice. And admittedly, I can’t want to see them do crazy.

And that’s all she wrote yo.