Had to get used to Mass Effect Faces again.

Everything being bound to the spacebar in terms or doing things is kinda weird, but it definitely keeps things simple. Shift is still active pause for combat though. 

The Cutscenes are so much better. You’ve really got to see them. They’re so much more involved and full of motion and they feel like cutscenes in a video game and not a visual novel. 

They’re trying to throw some emotional appeal in there. It comes off a bit cheesy, but it’s a tad sincere as well. 

Grade A Voice Acting, as usual.

AI is definitely smarter. They won’t let you our your AI teammates bumrush like they usually can. That, or Garrus because a wuss. In which case I’m boycotting Mass Effect 3. 

But yeah, give the demo a spin, it’s good.

No didicated servers sucks, but the MP is still playable and good. At least, Fragile Alliance, which is all they gave you.

The Single Player is really good though. A tight, solid, third person shooter. Works well with mouse/keyboard or 360 Pad. 

Definitely try it out.

(Never mind, the Ripten image was too big, so just credit IO Interactive then?)