So I’ve undergone the beginnings of a personal project, personal to me. An idea I had argued in my head and with others that involves genre’s of the turn based kind. There’s not much I have to show yet, but in the coming weeks I hope to get to be able to have something concrete to work on over the summer while I’m away from college, professional help, and Alienware computers. 

Cool things are happening, I believe.

In other news, I’m wrapping up another year of college, this time on a sour note however. Between the owing of vast amounts of money (enough so that I can’t register for next semester of classes), switching over to a semester system from a quarter system (and now I don’t even know what I can and can’t take), dropping a class (it’s actually not that bad), and learning that my brother in law has been married for a year and is having a baby in the Fall and is now just telling us (which is sure to start another round of family arguments and fallouts), 2013 has not been the kindest. I definitely don’t have a reliable source of college income right now, so lets hope that round three of scholarship applications will return something fruitful.

Third times the charm, I guess.

Video Games wise, I’ve completed both Tomb Raider and Bioshock: Infinite. Both games are incredibly titles and I’m pretty sure you should pick up one, if not both of them. Try on PC if you can because cheap bastard, but regardless, I don’t thing console or PC should effect the overall impact of how good those two games are.

Bioshock Infinite definitely fixes a lot of the combat specific problems I had with the original Bioshock, which just hampered to the flow of combat. To me, Bioshock felt like a wide open shooter confined withing a small playing area, where is Infinite feels much more like an open shooter with an open playing area. It speeds up combat while still encouraging players to try new things, of which there are a lot of.

Still though, after awhile, new things that are introduced are kind of put off because by that time, you’ve probably found an amazing combo that just works and there’s no need to change. Same goes with the clothing slots; I found a pair of paints that boosted AoE Vigor’s so they could all chain whenever I kill something. I never changed pants after that. 

Haha, never changing pants.

Tomb Raider was an interesting ride; at first there where things I didn’t enjoy, like the auto cover, or the fact that Laura Croft just can’t catch a break, but as the game went on, I began to grow into it. There’s so much “little things” and polish in the game that it makes me smile, from Laura putting her hands up against walls to the animations of her lighting her torch to the forest ambiance to how people wade through water. That game really comes together after the initial hours, and turns into something excellent by the end. I still have tombs to raid, so I might go finish those up sometime later.

Also new Laura is hot without being hot. But still totally hot.

And that’s all I wrote. 

You can “dishonor” yourself half way through assassinating a target, and still win.


A damn fine shooter. 

Our game was on TV. The first one. Go Us. 

I realized that the computer labs for the Computer Science based students (specifically Game Design/New Media) at Rochester Institute of Technology have Xbox 360’s. A ton of them. So after finishing my code, I decided to rent out a controller and their copy of Halo: Reach. Because why not.

My only previous experience with Halo: Reach was a Let’s Play on YouTube, Fails of the Week courtesy of Achievement Hunter, and playing Firefight in someone else’s dorm room. I never sat down to actually really play the game, until now.

To say the least, Halo: Reach is a fun game. While I had a lack of sound (which made understanding some things hard), the story is something I want to revisit for myself and no through someone else’s eyes. The controls are solid, although the lack of ADS greatly hinders my ability to be effect in combat since I rely on that. This means I run out of ammo quickly, which means I’m usually spending time scrounging around for bullets while Grunts hack away at my ass.

Even on easy, the A.I. is quite smart. Elites and such never stay in one place, when grenades are thrown, EVERYONE scatters, it’s the little things that count.

I do have a problem with enemies getting behind me when I try to melee them. I think I’ll have a hit confirmed but then they just end up right behind me all slicing my ass up and what not.

Also, female Spartans are my jam. We need more of them. I hope they somehow make it in the story for Halo 4 somehow.

Overall, Halo: Reach has me in terms of good games. I hope I can finish it before the summer is over. It gives me an excuses to spend more time in the labs. And I finally have a use for that Xbox Live account. Now I just need Gold again so I can play online.

I probably should get my own 360 sometime soon.

Had to get used to Mass Effect Faces again.

Everything being bound to the spacebar in terms or doing things is kinda weird, but it definitely keeps things simple. Shift is still active pause for combat though. 

The Cutscenes are so much better. You’ve really got to see them. They’re so much more involved and full of motion and they feel like cutscenes in a video game and not a visual novel. 

They’re trying to throw some emotional appeal in there. It comes off a bit cheesy, but it’s a tad sincere as well. 

Grade A Voice Acting, as usual.

AI is definitely smarter. They won’t let you our your AI teammates bumrush like they usually can. That, or Garrus because a wuss. In which case I’m boycotting Mass Effect 3. 

But yeah, give the demo a spin, it’s good.

More Catwoman. Otherwise perfect. 

(Look for more detail in my review on GameGavel this week!)

Well, it seems that I’ve finished my first ten week section of college. In that time, I’ve managed to meet the real life persona of someone I follow on Tumblr, seen that being the Snitch in a Muggle Quidditch game isn’t very fun, and thanked the Flying Spaghetti Monster I took two years of Computer Science prior to college. 

I will hug my highschool CS teacher the moment I get the chance. 

But that’s some shit. Video games, how bout them?

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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days; I’m a big fan of found footage and documentary style things, so I saw the visual aspect of the game and came buckets. It’s too bad they couldn’t deliver on content. Probably because they where too busy making sure you could aim and shoot in the game.

Max Payne (Movie): I love Marky Mark.

Velvet Assassin: You were supposed to be the female Splinter Cell. Why? Why were you so bad?

Brink: Why can’t others like you the way I do? Man, playing Brink is a lonely affair…

Far Cry 2: Classic case of releasing PC games that don’t work, and not following up to fix them up. I can understand the initial release problems because different hardware, but I can’t boot the game without it crashing when I press the A button on my Xbox 360 controller. Problems.

Final Fantasy XIII: Just fix the battle system so it doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of time to beat up some cannon fodder in a real time battle system.

Jolly Rover: On second thought, I don’t even know why I bought that game.

Doom (movie): Because the world needs more Doom Guy.

Duke Nukem Forever: My childhood…

These are just single player things I’ve noticed in Brink in my trying the first few maps. 

Overall, the experience has been a good one. I don’t know if it’s because I snagged the game for 20 bucks during Amazon’s Deal of the Day or because I’m honestly having fun with the title, but it’s best experienced in short bursts for me. A match every now and then helps keep things healthy.

Despite SMART being one of the advertised features of the game, you rarely do use it in the sense that you thought you would. That’s not because SMART doesn’t work or anything; it does, and it works well. If I need to get somewhere, it’s the best way to do it. But the fact that the maps are so cramped with stuff is where the problem lies. Maps in Brink need a lot more vertical and horizontal space, as well well as less clutter to funnel you down a specific path. There are some small areas where the map opens up and SMART actually becomes useful, but otherwise you’re freedom is really restricted in terms of getting where you want to go, your way.

Gun attachments need to be unlocked either by XP or by XP and Challenges, with Challenges being the efficient way to unlock them. Locking them down to just challenges is a bit much, as I’m not much of a Challenge Room type of guy. But that’s a personal prefrence.

The game needs subtitles. I don’t know why they are not any subtitles, but the game NEEDS them. Controller support would be nice too (especially since that’s how I played it at QuakeCon last year).

I love the chatter. It just makes less lonely. I hope it carries over into the multiplayer when I try it. The lack of any type of chatter (artificial or otherwise) in games like Bad Company 2 killed it for me. 

That’s all, will try Multiplayer later.

I graduate in a week. It’s hard to believe that I actually graduate the public schooling system of the state of Texas, in a week. Damn, I’m good.

Naw, but really, it still hasn’t hit me with full force that I’m going to college, in a different state no less, in a couple of months. I’ve damn near completed all my financial aid, I’ve gotten and accessed my school email, hell I’m close to deciding on whether or not to leave the PS3 at home or not, but the fact that I’m leaving home?

Nothing. I’ll give it a week though before I start bawling. And then another couple of days when I realize the religious freedom I’ll gain. Feels good to be a gangsta.

E3 is coming up, and I’ve drafted a list of things I wish would be announced but probably won’t be announced at all during gaming’s biggest week. It’ll also be my first E3 as a member of the enthusiast press, and although I won’t be there in person, (my EiC and Boss get those perks, lucky!), I’ll be covering anything I can get to that they can’t or pass down to me. I hope it’s a lot of Atlus stuff. 

Anyways, on to the list;

  • Oni 2 is announced to be in development.
  • SMT: Persona HD Collection is announced for the PS3.
  • Super Smash Brothers for the Project Cafe is announced.
  • Super Smash Brothers 3DS is announced, features compatibility with Project Cafe.
  • TallTale announces games for Android release, such as Puzzle Agent.
  • Half Life 2: Episode 3 is teased.
  • DOTA 2 gets a release date.
  • Portal 2 DLC is shown off, given a release date.
  • Guild Wars 2 is given a release date.
  • Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle price drop.
  • Next Year’s E3 will be open to the public.

Yes, I know Valve won’t be at E3 in full force. Doesn’t mean they won’t be there checking out the show, susceptible to surprise interviews. Get on it on-sight games jorunos. 

Finally, I got Netflix on my PS3. I wish the anime selection was more robust, but time tells with these things. I think I’ll start with Baccano!! since I never finished it, and then I’ll move on to finally watching Oldboy, Yojimbo, and any other samurai movies I can find. Also, props to having Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Also also, you need more motion comics. 

That is all.

Tomboy, by Panda Bear

A fucking hot mess of sound and amazing. Makes me long for more Animal Collective. Go buy it twice.

Medal Of Honor (PC)

Short, but fun. I actually enjoyed my 5 hours with this. Just stay away from the multi-player, and try to pick it up cheap if you can.

Brilliant. Needs more turrets though.

Buy It Twice. 

Spring Break has been pretty peaceful right now. Now that I can sleep in, my headaches have gone away. That feels nice.

Been watching Blood+ on Hulu. It’s good, trope filled, but good. Hoping to get into FLCL by the end of the week, and maybe catch something else good on Hulu to wet my appetite for the remaining school months. I’m really looking into just going Hulu and Netflix for my college life and not relying on cable.

Got into Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika on Monday; it’s drawn really well, and presents a twisted-awesome take on the “magical girl” genre that I loathe so much in Anime. Looking forward to jumping on that gravy train with the rest of yall.

Pokemon Black has been a blast, but it’s also the Hardest Pokemon game to date for me. This is in part because of how I’m choosing to progress through the game (training all of my Pokmon instead of just my starter and one other), and going around catching Pokemon. I’ve only got 4 badges right now, but I’m desperately looking for anything and everything that I could possibly interact with in this game. It’s quite fun. I wish there was even more loot though. And the Vs Caller thing. That would be awesome.

My review for Killzone 3 went up last Friday on GameGavel. I do quite like the game, but the ending was complete bullshit, and some of the balancing issues can get annoying in the multiplayer. But it is a well done shooter. I hope the make more “Operations” mode maps. I love that mode.

Music wise, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is awesome, and so are The Ruby Suns. The Ruby Suns remind me of Animal Collective, and that’s a really damned good thing.

Also, The Fall by Gorillaz is getting some special treatment over in London. Pre-order the CD here, and you get a cool looking lithograph. I want it badly.

Finally, I’m going to sell my PS2 for Portal 2. I never use my PS2 anyways, and if I want to get into Persona, I can just pick up a PSP and the Persona ports their. Plus, I really want God Eater Burst.

That’s all; not like anyone reads this mess.