I really should get on applying for college, but I’m starting to get less and less scared. Taking the SAT again is starting to scare me more, but if I just hang around a math teacher enough, I should be good. I think I’ll do some SAT Prep in the math sections only. That should be good.

On Thursday, my Editor in Chief wrote this. Needless to say, reception was wild on both ends. 

Me personally? I don’t really agree with my editor (don’t fire me), but I can understand where he’s coming from. That’s not the big thing though. The big thing is that it opened me up to the idea that we should get as many video games bloggers as possible in one location. All of them, from the big hits to the small time starters, and have them discuss their opinions on what they think about Video Games Journalism. I think we’d get a lot more done than just having each of us write our respective rants. Plus, I’d get the chance to beat Johnathan Holmes with a bunch of Wubboffet. Win Win Situation.

Also, I’ll have a review of Trine coming to GameGavel, as well as me starting to pick up the news stuff Tuesday again. This weekend was preparation for Choir Concert weekend, plus TF2 updating, so I didn’t get much time to write things. As always, if by some horribly odd chance you want me to write for you, I’m here, just tell me.

Speaking of writing, I need to find this guy named Nobuyuki Tsujii. He’s a piano champ and the local online newspaper my Newspaper Teacher (who’s not my teacher…yet) hooked me up with wants me to do a general article on him. Real Journalims is happening guys. Also, if by some horribly odd chance I actually get to talk to the guy, I might just do a right up for Stereotoid as well. I mean, he is Japanese, he’s got to know Guile’s Theme, right?

Finally, I saw Monsters yesterday. It was a good movie up until they decided to end it with no real explanation of anything you thought the movie would really be about. Thankfully, I didn’t realize that they didn’t explain any of the things I’d normally be interested in until after the movie ended. Unfortunately, that put me really sour on the movie itself. It’s still a good movie, but if you’re going to have giant monsters, EXPLAIN THEM A LITTLE PLEASE.

Oh, and back on Pokemon, as I said a while ago on Facebook; if you’re not hype for the game now, you’re just not hype then.

And know, I must cry myself to sleep, for I have so many Force Of Nature’s, but no reclaimed metal of which to craft them into Shortstop’s with. My Scout is incomplete.