I graduate in a week. It’s hard to believe that I actually graduate the public schooling system of the state of Texas, in a week. Damn, I’m good.

Naw, but really, it still hasn’t hit me with full force that I’m going to college, in a different state no less, in a couple of months. I’ve damn near completed all my financial aid, I’ve gotten and accessed my school email, hell I’m close to deciding on whether or not to leave the PS3 at home or not, but the fact that I’m leaving home?

Nothing. I’ll give it a week though before I start bawling. And then another couple of days when I realize the religious freedom I’ll gain. Feels good to be a gangsta.

E3 is coming up, and I’ve drafted a list of things I wish would be announced but probably won’t be announced at all during gaming’s biggest week. It’ll also be my first E3 as a member of the enthusiast press, and although I won’t be there in person, (my EiC and Boss get those perks, lucky!), I’ll be covering anything I can get to that they can’t or pass down to me. I hope it’s a lot of Atlus stuff. 

Anyways, on to the list;

  • Oni 2 is announced to be in development.
  • SMT: Persona HD Collection is announced for the PS3.
  • Super Smash Brothers for the Project Cafe is announced.
  • Super Smash Brothers 3DS is announced, features compatibility with Project Cafe.
  • TallTale announces games for Android release, such as Puzzle Agent.
  • Half Life 2: Episode 3 is teased.
  • DOTA 2 gets a release date.
  • Portal 2 DLC is shown off, given a release date.
  • Guild Wars 2 is given a release date.
  • Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle price drop.
  • Next Year’s E3 will be open to the public.

Yes, I know Valve won’t be at E3 in full force. Doesn’t mean they won’t be there checking out the show, susceptible to surprise interviews. Get on it on-sight games jorunos. 

Finally, I got Netflix on my PS3. I wish the anime selection was more robust, but time tells with these things. I think I’ll start with Baccano!! since I never finished it, and then I’ll move on to finally watching Oldboy, Yojimbo, and any other samurai movies I can find. Also, props to having Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Also also, you need more motion comics. 

That is all.