Needs a Bastion “The Kid” skin, and a Soviet Jayce skin. 

Also needs a Don Draper skin. 

"Ezreal zoned me pretty hard early game. My tower was the first to go down because of his flash bullshit. Then he made fun of my mage outfit and I proceeded to just buy AP and fuck him.

-Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil


Guys what if Veigar was a girl.

Master Yi/Teemo on Top.

Hecarim/Tryndamere on Bottom.

Ziggs (me) in the middle.

I literally did nothing except get zoned by Ahri. I ended up picking up two kills before the other team surrendered because EVERYONE was fed except me.

Even I was like;

This will never happen again. 

To be honest, the Heimerdinger took all of the licks (all 6 of them, Pantheon got the seventh) like a champ. And that Nasus almost shut me down. 

Also chased down and killed both Ashe and Nasus. Fuck I am Ziggs hear me squeal even though I’m horrible. 

We will never be ready.

Maximum Explosion. Bring all the damage. You are not running away from Ziggs damnit. 

You can count on that.

God this game is addicting as hell.

I mean, this is my third time trying to get into League of Legends, Riot Games’ MOBA DOTA clone, and let me tell you; it definitively helps if you have some drive to stick with it. Whether that be a LAN party where the game of play was League of Legends and nothing else, or that be you and a couple of buddies getting together and hammering though the games intricacy.

The tutorials have gotten better, and the bots feature is great help in just getting baring around a character you’d like to play. I played around with the free choices for the week before deciding I like ranged and crowd control characters, so I worked up the IP (Influence Points) and bought me both Ashe and Sivir. I’ll be getting the hang of those for awhile now.

IP and RP are the currency of of LoL, RP being Riot Points, which you can buy with cash. I do like that you can gain IP fairly easily but no so easily that it can become a chore. It also helps that the marketplace will have sales frequently. There have been three since I’ve joined back up with LoL, and that was no more than 2 weeks ago.

All in all, for someone who doesn’t have any experience in MOBA or DOTA, League of Legends has finally become that great entry point I was looking for over the years. Which is good, because with Valve’s DOTA 2 coming soon, I’d like to have some sort of idea what’s going on before I jump into my next money sink.

Haven’t tried Dominion yet, will get to that later.