I’m starting to go though that “this is my last year in highschool” phase. It actually started last week, on the last day of choir camp (yeah fuck you, I go to choir camp), when I realized this would be the last time I’d be doing something like this. It would be the last time I’d be preparing a selection of music to audition for the chance of being a part of the Texas All State Choir, and it might be last time I do an audition of this caliber.

This year is going to be my last in public schooling, it might be the last time I spend full time with my family, friends, it might be the last time I see any of my teachers, might be the last time I drive around the Gaylord Texan. It’ll be the last time I see my Irish Doctor, the last time me and my mom go to the doctor, and it maybe good bye to good ol’ Euless, Texas for a really long time.

I guess I could look at the positives; I may be going off to a new state (hopefully New York), I can start on the next level of my life, I’ll find out if video game design is really for me, Stereotoid might make it big on Modern Method, I can go to PAX, I can go (back too) ComiCon, I might be even able to go to GDC or (ohgodyes) E3. There’s a whole bunch of possible things that can happen once I’m done with highschool and start college. I could be the big man on campus, or I could be the guy who just does his studies and nothing else.

Or I could be the guy who attended college, wants to major in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Physics, loves the fuck out of video games and music, and still plays Pokemon. Who knows?

As for not sappy thoughs, I’m probably the only one who wants Games For Windows Live not to fail. Besides the online component of actually playing online, I still love getting achievements. I love that my 360 controller works with the overlay, I love the little noises, I love that I can communicate with people on the 360, and last off, I love having a gamerscore again. 

If they could make the overlay much more like Steam’s (ala a browser), and then make the act of playing people online not suck, and then let me launch games from it, or better yet, just have it always on, I can tab out/guide button to the blades in anything from the desktop to Grand Theft Auto 4, and then build on the game selection. You know, all they need to do is put more of the Xbox Live Arcade, or even the Xbox Live Indie Games on GFWL, and it would be a contender to the mighty hammer that is Steam. It might not win, but it would carve out a sizable piece of the pie, and MS does like pie.

Cross-platform play would be nice too, but that would be a little hard. Maybe require that you are using a 360 pad? I dunno, it is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my hands, and I would like to play GTA with the 360 crowd.

Finally, a list of movies I want to see and why:

  • The Social Network: Jesse is an awesome actor, but Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross teaming up on the soundtrack? OHSHI-
  • Due Date: As long as that little dog does funny things to Robert Downey Jr, I’ll be happier than a kid with a box of chocolate pancakes.
  • Super 8: The same reason I wanted to see Cloverfield. I’m waiting for the surprise
  • Gears Of War: Now, I know video games that get turned into movies usually suck, but this is Epic Games we’re talking about here. More specifically, this is Cliffy B we’re talking about here. I don’t think he’d let his baby grow in the hands of people who can’t make movies, and I think he would have sizable input on who ever is going to be doing the movie. So yeah, I have hopes this won’t suck.
  • Kane & Lynch: I’m already sorely disappointed that Jamie Foxx is playing Lynch. Not that I think Jaime Foxx is a bad actor or anything, it’s just that Lynch is a white guy, and Jaime Foxx isn’t. Now matter how good his performance is, to people who have played the game, it’s going to feel a little weird. Still though, Bruce Willis playing Kane is a good choice. And admittedly, I can’t want to see them do crazy.

And that’s all she wrote yo.