Yes. A millions times yes. 

Kansas. (10/10)

Perfect. Buy it twice. 

Needs a Bastion “The Kid” skin, and a Soviet Jayce skin. 

Also needs a Don Draper skin. 

A damn fine shooter. 

Reason #3 why the 90s was a horrible, horrible time.

When ever someone says Microsoft doesn’t innovate or can’t make anything good, I will show them this.

And then proceed to burn them alive for such blasphemy.

If you code like a monkey, get it any way possible. 

Album of the Year. Buy it Dec. 16, or listen to it on NPR.

Perfect. Everything anyone should want in an electronic album.

Buy it now.

Played the Inception soundtrack.


Buy a pair. Now.

Tomboy, by Panda Bear

A fucking hot mess of sound and amazing. Makes me long for more Animal Collective. Go buy it twice.

Medal Of Honor (PC)

Short, but fun. I actually enjoyed my 5 hours with this. Just stay away from the multi-player, and try to pick it up cheap if you can.


Go read And Another Thing… instead. Much more interesting. 

Or join me in making Viking Hamlet a real thing.