One of my uncles died. This was around the same time my grandma died last year. Don’t know what else to say, except that he was an uncle I spent more time with than my other uncles because they were always abroad. So I’m kinda down. 

My mother graduated from Walden University. She has a Masters of Science in Nursing. She worked really hard for that, and I basically had to teach her to be computer literate. It’s amazing how much she’s grown technology wise in the past few years. She has a BlackBerry now and she doesn’t need me to teach her how to work it. She still get’s stuck on digital cameras and GPS though. I’m still proud as fuck of her. 

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I’ve been bugging around video game/tv show/anime ideas in my head lately, and it dawned on me how few animated television shows, eastern and western, employ a smooth animation style. You know, animation that doesn’t feel so static and actually flows more naturally than otherwise. It’s used a lot while conveying important fight scenes in anime (Naruto vs Sasuke, Ichigo vs Grimmjaw, every other fight in Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, every fight in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ga-Rei-Zero, most OP’s of anime), but rarely used as the animation standard.

I’d like to see more natural flow in animation. I realize it would be much more expensive, but fuck it if elbows should move like fucking elbows. 

It doesn’t seem like I’ll finish Final Fantasy XIII. The game is doing absolutely nothing to make me want to play. Before hand, the promise of actually using the Paradigm Shift system to it’s full potential was something that kept me going, but now that I’ve reached the pinnacle of having more than two sorry Cocoon loving motherfuckers on my team, boss battles still take upwards of 25-35 minuets.

I would have no damn problem with this is the battle system wasn’t primed on being action oriented. I don’t know what makes this game so slow, but battles have lost all tactical merit and basically breakdown to “Press X to Jayson  Lighting, switch to ‘War and Peace’ when HP is low.” 

I can see the Paradigm System having huge potential, and battles actually look nice when in motion, but something needs to speed this shit up seriously. Either enemies need to be nerf’d or actions need to be completed even quicker or hell, just allow me to re-position myself while I’m on the battlefield; that way my Medic is not getting raped to hell and back.

So yeah, casually optimistic about Final Fantasy XIII-2, because it doesn’t feature dancing, and features more ways to deal damage to your opponents. Also because sans Hope and Vanillie, every character has a decent voice actor, and the story, while nonsense, does have it’s high points. 

So that that’s done, what other JRPG’s are there for me to play? Practically none that look interesting. I am leaning forward towards Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, but that’s because I’m desperate at this point, and I’m kind of interested in visual novels now. I will say this; I really want to fucking play Lost Odyssey. Fuck MS for publishing that one. Fuck Sony more for not jumping on it.

Persona HD needs to happen like 16 weeks ago. Which reminds me, I should jump on Catherine when I get the chance. 

Here’s my Netflix hit-list:

  • Summer Wars when it hits instant watch
  • Oldboy
  • Yojimbo
  • Hot Tub Time Machine
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Revolver
  • OngBak
  • They Live
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Bladerunner

Any suggestions would be great. 

You want either Medal of Honor of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit on the PC? Hit the link to find out how to win.


I’m starting to go though that “this is my last year in highschool” phase. It actually started last week, on the last day of choir camp (yeah fuck you, I go to choir camp), when I realized this would be the last time I’d be doing something like this. It would be the last time I’d be preparing a selection of music to audition for the chance of being a part of the Texas All State Choir, and it might be last time I do an audition of this caliber.

This year is going to be my last in public schooling, it might be the last time I spend full time with my family, friends, it might be the last time I see any of my teachers, might be the last time I drive around the Gaylord Texan. It’ll be the last time I see my Irish Doctor, the last time me and my mom go to the doctor, and it maybe good bye to good ol’ Euless, Texas for a really long time.

I guess I could look at the positives; I may be going off to a new state (hopefully New York), I can start on the next level of my life, I’ll find out if video game design is really for me, Stereotoid might make it big on Modern Method, I can go to PAX, I can go (back too) ComiCon, I might be even able to go to GDC or (ohgodyes) E3. There’s a whole bunch of possible things that can happen once I’m done with highschool and start college. I could be the big man on campus, or I could be the guy who just does his studies and nothing else.

Or I could be the guy who attended college, wants to major in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Physics, loves the fuck out of video games and music, and still plays Pokemon. Who knows?

As for not sappy thoughs, I’m probably the only one who wants Games For Windows Live not to fail. Besides the online component of actually playing online, I still love getting achievements. I love that my 360 controller works with the overlay, I love the little noises, I love that I can communicate with people on the 360, and last off, I love having a gamerscore again. 

If they could make the overlay much more like Steam’s (ala a browser), and then make the act of playing people online not suck, and then let me launch games from it, or better yet, just have it always on, I can tab out/guide button to the blades in anything from the desktop to Grand Theft Auto 4, and then build on the game selection. You know, all they need to do is put more of the Xbox Live Arcade, or even the Xbox Live Indie Games on GFWL, and it would be a contender to the mighty hammer that is Steam. It might not win, but it would carve out a sizable piece of the pie, and MS does like pie.

Cross-platform play would be nice too, but that would be a little hard. Maybe require that you are using a 360 pad? I dunno, it is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held in my hands, and I would like to play GTA with the 360 crowd.

Finally, a list of movies I want to see and why:

  • The Social Network: Jesse is an awesome actor, but Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross teaming up on the soundtrack? OHSHI-
  • Due Date: As long as that little dog does funny things to Robert Downey Jr, I’ll be happier than a kid with a box of chocolate pancakes.
  • Super 8: The same reason I wanted to see Cloverfield. I’m waiting for the surprise
  • Gears Of War: Now, I know video games that get turned into movies usually suck, but this is Epic Games we’re talking about here. More specifically, this is Cliffy B we’re talking about here. I don’t think he’d let his baby grow in the hands of people who can’t make movies, and I think he would have sizable input on who ever is going to be doing the movie. So yeah, I have hopes this won’t suck.
  • Kane & Lynch: I’m already sorely disappointed that Jamie Foxx is playing Lynch. Not that I think Jaime Foxx is a bad actor or anything, it’s just that Lynch is a white guy, and Jaime Foxx isn’t. Now matter how good his performance is, to people who have played the game, it’s going to feel a little weird. Still though, Bruce Willis playing Kane is a good choice. And admittedly, I can’t want to see them do crazy.

And that’s all she wrote yo.

Wow, I’m up early, and I wok up feeling shitter than usual. Now, I don’t just say that because my life sucks or I hate humanity or anything, I actually wake up not feeling ok and it usually takes me a good hour or some pancakes to get me feeling back to normal. Maybe it’s the diabetes or maybe I sleep hardcore. I dunno. 

On to other things, I’m really interested in this whole Milo thing Peter Molyneux has got brewing, and I hope to god he actually delievers on some of his claims. Why? This could be the beginning of really fucking scary smart A.I.. If I can have a somewhat true to life conservation with Milo, about how he should look forward to moving to new places, or what’s his favorite fish or whatever, imagine what this means for all the RPGs out there with conservation systems. Now I don’t have to pick and choose from a predetermined list of things to say when I’m talking to an NPC (or in Mass Effect’s case, pick a general idea); I can just fucking say it myself.

Warning! SPOILERS! 

When you meat back up with Kaidan/Ashley in Mass Effect 2, he/she seems pretty pissed than you where basically dead for awhile, got rebuilt by the guys who tried to kill you, and now work for them trying to save the humanity (and presumably the galaxy, I don’t know about any amazing plot twists, I still need to finish ME2). First off, there are some dialog options I can’t choose because of morality. Fuck that, with the A.I. Molyneux is hoping to create, I don’t have to choose a dialog option. I make up my own fucking dialog. I have to convince Kaidan/Ashley that what Cerberus is doing is right for not only humanity but for the entire galaxy. Or I can tell him/her to go jump into a star without any sunblock on. I get to tell them what I really want to tell them, making Shepard my Shepard and nobody else’s. Not only that, but the A.I. will respond accordingly to my reaction.

Now, I know that’s a lot of wishful thinking, and we’re probably far off from something like that, but maybe if Milo could be like a virtual friend, you know, for kids without brothers or sisters who have game consoles. I know for awhile I was an only child since my older brother was off a college, and when I had my Gamecube, I wish I had someone to play Mario Kart: Double Dash with. If Milo can play games with your kid, just to be an upgraded A.I. opponent/partner, who responds the way kids would respond when playing multiplayer kart racing games or something, that would be cool. Hell, you have a brother and a sister, but you need a forth wing and nobody thinks (insert kart racing game here) is cool enough, boot up Milo, get you’re four player Split Screen on.

Plus, it’d solve the “OMG XBOX LIVE IS EVIL BUT WHAT ELSE CAN MY KIDS DO WITH IT?” problem parents seem to be having.


I did a 8-Dimensional array in C++ before for shits and giggles before I knew about the memory usage.

I didn’t do it again.


Kotakuite, on the subject of 4D in 3D games displayed on a 2D screen.

I also got that last part from a Kotakuite. They’re good for things sometimes.

Here’s the link, prepare for mindfuck.